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My journey began in the winter of 2010 when a friend of mine got very sick. It made me wonder if we have any control of our health and wellness…to be honest, I felt powerless. I watched her suffer and soon pass away. This catapulted a range of emotions, fear, and dread until I decided to take one small step into learning what if there is a different answer. What if we can be the master of our own bodies and allow it to heal on its own how it was originally designed. That first step was watching Food Inc. From then on, I dove deep into other documentaries and stories of people who not only got healed through foods but also thrived. 

So I began with baby steps, green shakes, then some juicing, then some editing in my day to day diet. I started swooping a little here a little there animal protein with plant-based products (a lot of trial and error in that part, some of the stuff tasted terribly and it was expensive!) And it was because of this, I started creating my own quick and easy plant-based recipes and documented the process by photographing my dishes and vegan products that I liked. I wanted to remember what worked, what was easy, what products were stand outs, and what were not (I had a folder called “gross products” lol).

I did this so I could enjoy my own journey, at my own pace and style. 

Fast forward to 2016, random people at the gym, at the grocery store, and clients would ask me how to eat gluten-free and plant-powered foods. Somehow, I was attracting these people. It was a cool feeling but I found myself on the fly googling on my phone products and sharing with total strangers some of my fav things and trying to explain what are the best ways to enjoy (what to swop, how to make it, what to pair with, etc…) I thought, what if I had all of my documented process right at my finger tip to share! I felt a need to help because I remembered how it felt not to know where to begin.

I decided to start putting some of my recipes for pure fun on Instagram in July 2017.  But Instagram is just a visual platform, I wanted to share the whole process (inspiration, how-to, quick delish dishes, easy swops, great products so a person like me who is seeking can have fun and enjoy their journey along the way. 

After much drafting, content writing, design variations, I’m finally ready to launch this work of love with you. So you can start or continue on your journey here and get tips, ideas, share, be inspired…because I believe in community and when we have that, we can all do it so much happier and better together.

This website focus is to help you get going on your discovery your way, your style. So everything is coming from a place of ease, accessibility, fun, and of an authentic “regular person” journey like everyone else. It includes ideas on how to swop ingredients with plant-based products to make your fav or easy meals, fun recipes, off-the-shelf products that I love and how to use them, raw ingredients so you can have an idea of different produce and spices that are good to work with, a place for you to build your tribe and support system, and read articles for tips, inspiration, and more. 

I just want you to discover and have fun with it…so we can be wanderers together! Mhuah!


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